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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Watercolor Floral Painting - Iris Update #1

Watercolor Flower Painting Things are starting to take shape and I am quite happy with how things are going at this point. I need to get the background in to better judge the values so that I can start getting into the darks to further push the shapes of the petals. Again the lighting is not great, while the petals are a mixture of grays, in real life you can see the transitions in color from gray, to blue, to pink, to yellow etc. I am using only the 3 primary colors for this flower and the background (although for the background I am using a darker less sedimentary blue) to give more punch.

I don't know if it is due to all the fighting I have been doing with acrylics of the past couple of weeks or the scale of this flower (11x15") but I am really enjoying painting it, I feel a floral series in my future :) It is a nice change to be working with larger brushes and not burning out my eyes on fine details like I was with my recent driftwood painting. Change is good :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Watercolor Floral Painting - Iris

I have been playing/fighting with acrylics for the past couple of weeks so it is a very refreshing change to be back playing with watercolors!
The colors are pretty off in this photo (the paper is creamy white so that gives you an idea of how off my photography skills are) but will take a better one once the painting progresses a bit more. I am just blocking in the tonal values and then will work on adding more layers of colors.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Watermedia Workshop - March 13/14

Still have a few spots left for the watermedia workshop but we have enough to confirm the booking and now I am really getting excited. Sounds like we will be trying out a ton of substrates and grounds so should be pretty interesting to see what we end up with. Will be totally different experience for me as I am very detail oriented and really take my time building up paintings so I am curious to see how I am going to walk away after 2 days with about 17 pieces in various degrees of completion...I can hardly wait :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

May 1 - May 2 - Art Focus Spring Show

Please join me and Art Focus for our Annual Spring Show which will coincide with May Day Week and will be at The Outlet on May 1st and 2nd. Please come visit me and the rest of the artists and enjoy a variety of art in all mediums and subects. I will be there on Saturday from 3-5pm and Sunday after 4pm. Hope to see you there!

March 2 - 28 - Suite E Group Show at Place des Arts

Group Exhibit with Suite E Life Drawing Group Please join myself and my fellow artists of Suite E Life Drawing group for their exhibit which runs from March 4 until the 28, 2010 at Place des Arts. There will be an opening reception on Thursday, March 4 from 7-9pm. Please join us for wine and great conversation and art!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Golden Acrylic Workshops

Well I have not been posting much to my blog lately but I have been very busy painting, with acrylics. So alot of learning, but nothing worthy of posting...yet :) I am organizing a couple of acrylic workshops with a working artist from Golden, Sara McIntosh-Robichaud, so I am hoping to get over the learning curve even quicker :)

March 13/14 will be a 2 day workshop using Watermedia which will cover how to prepare your canvas to paint to allow you to exhibit without glass. You will also work with the fluid acrylics on a variety of surfaces with an array of textured gels used as grounds.

April 10/11 will be a 2 day workshop using Golden Open Acrylics which stay wet 10 times longer than traditional acrylics. You will develop valuable glazing skills, learn how to mix your colors and which colors are best for glazing.

Both workshops will be held at Coquitlam Community Center and the fee for each is $150 for both days (fee includes all paints and mediums) plus a room fee to be determined based on attendance. If you are interested, please contact me to register as spote are filling up fast!

Friday, February 12, 2010

March 2- 14, 2010
FCA Show - Landscapes

One of my paintings, Peeling Paint, has been chosen for the Landscape show at the Federation of Canadian Artists gallery on Granville Island from March 2 until the 14th, 2010.

I am pretty happy to get into this one as I think landscape exhibits are tough to get into as there are so many great landscape artists out there!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Spirit Week Live Kids Demo

I just found out that I have been accepted to do a live kids demo at the Spirit week public demo next Thursday, February 11th. The event is taking place outside in Leigh Square from 6-8pm There will be artists, live entertainment and of course the torch will be be arriving Thurs morning!

Check out the city's website for more infmoration and I will provide more info as well as I get more of the details. Hope to see you there!