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Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Toy for Christmas

Art Studio Setup
Fine Art Studio Easel Set Up
So I got some cash this year for Christmas and it has been burning a hole in my pocket. I have been pondering being a new easel for several weeks now, which is a long time for me to make a decisions, usually if I think I need something for art I must have it. Gets me in a bit of trouble sometimes with the other half. Luckily I have a large studio but it is getting pretty crowded as I inherited my hubbies old desk and 3 matching bookcases, bought an really cool drafting table from craigslist for a killer deal several years back, a couch, another small desk and a zillion frames. So I had to think about it awhile to see if I really needed yet one more item in my studio. The answer in my head of course, I must have it :)

So I checked out several options and found one that seems to be made for me. It can be adjusted easily to allow painting vertically, horizontally or anywhere in-between. Holds canvases up to 84" high. My hubby graciously offered to go and pick it up for me and help me set it up and even he was impressed with how pretty it looked. It is made of beechwood so has a nice warm glow to it, I could hardly sleep that night, who says I am obsessive.

So the next morning, of course bright and early, I set myself up and started to paint, what a difference. I have used easels before but always got a kink in my back, usually during life drawing, and have found them a paint as I could never get them set up correctly as always wobbled or slide around. This one stays where it is put and because it is so adjustable I can always have my main subject at eye level. Best studio item I ever bought I think :)

Only down fall is of course now I need to reorganize the studio...again :)


andrea said...

It's a thing of beauty. It looks like it needs stroking. Could I be more jealous?

Tracey said...

lol don't worry I stroke it everytime I come into my studio :)

It is so worth the investment, my paintings look so much better just sitting on it ;)