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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mother and Child Portrait Commission - Update #6

Mother and Child Watercolor Portrait Commission
More adjustments have been made and things are getting closer to completion but still a few minor tweaks her and there. Her eyes have been adjusted slightly but still need a little more adjusting as they were a touch off in size. It is so tempting at this stage to rush as adjustments need to be done on dry paper to keep things crisp so it is a matter of make a minor adjustment, let the paper dry...completely, then adjust further.
Both of their mouths have also been adjusted and require one more pass to complete the final adjustments. Just softening of lip lines to look more melded in and to finalize the shapes here and there a touch.
I have softened the mother's laugh lines slightly as well and added much more of the finer details to her hair. No to let the paper dry again, good time for a coffee break :)

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