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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Mother and Child Portrait Commission - Watercolor Painting Update #1

Mother and Child Portrait Commission - Watercolor
Listening to Sarah McLachlan christmas CD and painting a mother and child portrait, what could be better? Sometimes I think someone is going to come and ask me for royalties as I am always listening to Sarah while I work, seems like it should be declared as a business expense somehow ;)

I have been painting most of the day and am quite happy with the progress so far. I have laid down some of the darker values and done a fair bit of negative painting in the mother's hair. She has such amazing hair, I could spend days just painting her hair!
Her facial features are starting to take shape as well and will take a break from her to ensure the paper is completely dry before continuing on her face. It is really nice working this size and I think it is the perfect size for a double portrait as you can really get in and add the details.

The baby's clothes have been blocked in and I will start building up his face to the same level as his mother's and then I will start to remove some of the graphite prior to continuing to model their features further.

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