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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Driftwood Watercolor Painting

This is a painting I am working on right now of a piece of driftwood. I really like all the twisty shapes in the wood and how it still reaches out to the ocean even though it is stuck on the seashore.

The original reference photo was taken by a very talented photographer, Tom Burke, who was nice enough to let me use his photo for the painting. In the actual photo the wood is much more gray but I wanted to show the richness and warm so I have warmed it up considerably.

The sand and rocks have been painted in roughly and will require a few more passes to give them more shape and form. Areas of the driftwood also need to be pushed and pulled back and forth a bit to give more dimension but it is getting there. Then I will decide whether to go darker with the sea and sky :)

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