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Monday, December 28, 2009

Clearing the Slate

With the Christmas season over and the New Year fast approaching I thought I would "clear up" my to do list of paintings that need to be completed and reorganize/clean up my studio. I have a few paintings that I started last year but had to put to the side to work on commissions and other projects and just never got back to them. They have been sitting in my studio taunting me to finish them so I thought this week would be the perfect time to do so.

I also have a painting that I started during a recent workshop I took with Kiff Holland which is about half completed that I will put at the top of the list. Kiff is an amazing artist and a really fun teacher. He uses very strong staining colors, gasp, yet when they dry they are so much lighter and blend into each other beautifully, well, when he does it anyway ;) I have not had a chance to play with staining colors much yet as have been so busy with exhibits and commissions since the workshop so I also plan to do some "serious" playing this week.

The painting is very different for me as the paint is very thick with strong rich colors. It is of a bowl of cherry's and the cool reflections that they make on the bowl.

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