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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Art Focus Fall Show

Well the show starts tomorrow night so I should be getting paintings packaged up, labeled and ready to hang but instead....I can't stop painting!

The hanging is tomorrow afternoon so I could package everything up until midnight or so tonight technically, why do it now when I still have time to put it off ;)

This is a photo of Wendy Milne and myself taken by Paul vanPeenen of us holding our paintings that will be in the show. John did a wonderful write up for us in the Coquitlam Now, check it out.

Of course it got me in a bit of trouble as I don't think I said that art and my kids are my two fav things....I am SURE I said they are two of my fav things...ok I probably said they are my 2 fav things because my hubby is so obviously my fav thing....geez when it is in writing on the screen even I don't buy it ;) He always calls my art my lover so I guess he saw it coming ;)

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