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Friday, October 30, 2009

Watercolor Wildlife Painting - Ruffled Feathers

This is the latest painting I have been working on for a bit and I think it is done. I just loved the feathers on the top bird and the sideways glance and angled stance of the bird below! You can almost feel the tension as soon as the images were combined ;) In my mind the bottom goose is female and the top is male, insert your own scenario for the tiff ;)

The top Canadian goose is taken with permission from a wonderful photo from Dan Star I love his photos, must be his engineering eye ;)

The goose from the bottom is taken with permission also from a photo from Yersinia's photos on Flicker. She also takes amazing photos and has a huge variety of photos ranging from architectural to nature.

I photo shopped the images together and call it "Ruffled Feathers". It can also be viewed on my website for my original artwork.


Billie Crain said...

Tracey, please come to my blog to receive your Kreativ Blogger Award. IMHO, you most certainly deserve it.:) Just copy/save the image and post on your your blog if you wish.

Lisa Lorenz said...

WOW Tracey, I am so speechless. This is stunning. Lots of geese around our place the past couple of months! Just beautiful work you do, best wishes Lisa

Tracey said...

Thanks so much Billie, I replied to your post last week but for some reason it did not go live, hmm ;) Now, 7 things... ;)

Thanks very much Lisa, definitely not as colorful as your wonderful paintings but my colors are getting much bolder :)