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Monday, October 05, 2009

Watercolor Native Salmon Painting - Journey's End

Native Salmon Watercolor Painting - Journey's End
This is a painting I just finished of a spawning salmon jumping out of the water. I wanted it to have a definite aboriginal feel so I added a few of the native symbols and the bright red which is often used in native art which also represents the spawning of the salmon.
I have scanned this painting as I have been unable to get a decent photo and even the scan does not do it justice for some reason. I need to bite the bullet and set up a decent photo area in my studio so that I can just set paintings up with decent lighting and take consistent photos...next project ;)
The salmon is actually a greenish tone with very light iridescent sparkles which looks pretty cool in daylight but totally caused my photos of the fish to go wonky :)

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