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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Bird, A Stone, A Letter Exhibit

Exhibit of Watercolor Painting
I just checked out this exhibit online, my painting is featured on the second page at their online gallery There is some really great art and quite the variety. If you are at Granville Island between now until Oct 4th check it out :)


andrea said...

Have to pop into Opus over the next week or so to get a long mailing tube so I will go to the Federation gallery and take a peek. I haven't done any showing there is AGES -- keep forgetting to submit! Anyway, after my commission is behind me we can meet at the Frogstone again, if you're game.

Tracey said...

Yes I hope to make it into the Federation gallery this weekend to check out the exhibit but will have to play it by ear ;)

Yes lets get together to see your paintings at Frogstone just give me a call or email. I just checked out your blog and the paintings look amazing online - I am really looking forward to seeing them live :)