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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Watercolor Painting - Western Artwork - Better Days

Western Art Watercolor Painting I loved the blue and brown texture at the top but it had no place in this painting :( So I removed the very dark staining paint surprisingly easily! I did not want to damage the paper so was not keen on scrubbing gently with a brush so I thought I would just mist the paper with my spray bottle and see how well I could lift off the paint by blotting with a paper towel.

To my surprise the water bottle mister removed alot of the paint on it's own without even having to blot too much. It took about 3 bottles of water and worked best when holding the sprayer right up to the paper at an angle but removed most of the blue paint.

I then added a blue more suitable for the sky and added the puffs of cloud to finish it off. I definitely learned alot from this painting and am quite happy with the end result :) I am calling it Better Days


Billie Crain said...

I like the new sky! This one turned very well.:) I love Indanthrene blue but I'm glad you managed to remove it from this one. The new sky works much better. Very interesting texture to it.

Tracey said...

Yes I like the new sky much better. I am still amazed how easy it was to remove the dark stained background...good to know ;)