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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Vancouver Art Gallery's Dutch Masters Exhibit

I had all but given up hope that I would make it to the Dutch Masters exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery as it is over in September but by chance I ended up with a 'day off' yesterday so off I went with my mom who is also an artist and we spent the day at the gallery oohing and aaahing over the paintings. The detail in some of the paintings was just mind numbing and some were so small that it was just unreal to see the level of detail on such a small scale. Most of my favorite paintings were in the same room near the end of the exhibit, I would have been happy just to sit in there and stare all day.

They had a set up of a camera obscura which was really cool as well. I have read about them but it is really neat to see one acutally set up with a still life to see what level of detail they actual produce. The image was blurry but definitely enough to get all the 'landmarks' down.

Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos which seems odd as my mom just got back from the Louvre in Paris where she took amazing photos, mostly for me to paint, gotta love moms :) We took a lunch break on the patio which was really nice and surprisingly yummy and then went back for round two of the exhibit. So unfortunately no wonderful photos of dutch masterpieces, but a not bad photo of me & my mom instead :)


andrea said...

Hi Tracey. I just realized that I haven't visited your blog for awhile. I depend on Bloglines to update me but it hasn't been posting your updates lately for some reason. Hmm.

I really enjoyed the Dutch Masters exhibition, too. I love the Jan Steens. So much story packed into such a small piece of artwork. Have you seen how tiny Alex Colville's Horse and Train is in real life?

Billie Crain said...

Shame about the no-photos rule.:( Sounds like you and your Mom had a wonderful time, tho. Btw, you look just like her!

Tracey said...

Hi Andrea, I just assumed you were busy painting ;) Yes when I updated my blog it seems I lost all of my followers & page rank, gotta love computers. As the address has changed users are redirected but bookmarks and Bloglines I guess don't get updated.

I did not see Alex Colville's painting, was it on exhibit on another floor? I was so bad, I got so into the art I forgot to even look at the artist's names half the time. I love the painting of the girl in the pink dress and I totally forget the artist's name too...ugh

Tracey said...

I know, I could have taken so many photos, oh well :( At least my mom took me a bunch from France, I think my statue series is going to grow significantly in the near future ;)