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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Burnaby Village Museum

Burnaby Village Museum
Well my dad came for a visit last week so not much painting happened but I did get some great reference photos of the places we went to visit. We went to Burnaby Village Museum the first day and had a great time. It is really great for kids as everything is quite close together and the roads are paved so that you don't get all muddy if it is rainy.
I wish I had gotten photos of the car & train but we ran out of time as we spent alot of time at the blacksmith's watching him forge stuff. My favorite part was the carousel of course as I have loved them since I was a kid so I got alot of photos of the horses. I think I will have to make another trip just to take photos and of course I want to go at Christmas time as I am sure it would be so cool with all the decorations & lights, I am a sucker for Christmas!

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