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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Vacation

Well my posts and my painting have dwindled considerably over the past few weeks. Nothing like extra free time and no deadlines to kill the motivation, I definitely work best under pressure! It is a nice break though and it is giving me time to play around more rather than working on finished paintings so I have been experimenting more to see how far watercolor can be pushed, I have several 'wrecked' paintings on the go that I am hopefully learning from ;)

The extra time also motivated me to take an art class with a friend but I could not find a class that fit my schedule that looked interesting. Then it hit me, hit up one of my artist friends whose work I admire and invite them over for a workshop in exchange for some website tutorials & a yummy lunch. Yay, so we have one set up which should make for a fun, relaxed workshop for the three of us. It will be in watercolor as well but she paints my looser than I do so it should make for a fun learning experience :)

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