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Friday, May 29, 2009

Suite E Exhibit at the Outlet in June 4 - Aug 16, 2009

Watercolor Painting - Give & Take
This exhibit is just around the corner, time is just flying by lately! It will be an exhibit by 8 Suite E Life Drawing members featuring artwork of figures as well as non-figurative work in all mediums.

There will be an opening reception June 4 from 7-9pm with wine, nibblies and the artists at the Outlet. The works will be displayed across and adjacent to the TicketMaster booth where I had my solo exhibit in November of 2008. It is a great location with many other art groups, classes and exhibits in attendance throughout the year. As the exhibit will run for just over 2 months we will be changing out the artwork in July to freshen things up! Should allow for a nice variety of work from each member.

Hope to see you there at the opening!

Suite E Exhibit at the Outlet in June 4 - Aug 16, 2009

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Studio

I reorganized my studio (again) and thought I would share photos with you all. It is still a bit messy but it goes from clean to ridiculously messing when I am working in a matter of minutes. I like to think it is because I am creatively messy but it is likely due to the fact that I am just messy ;)
The bookcases & office desk I inherited from my hubby as he used to use them for his home office and the drafting table I picked up for $60 at a second hand store, major score :) It is a great room and I am really lucky to have it for a studio. It gets lots of light and is big enough to move around plus have a great display area when visitors come.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Latest Edition to the Family

We seem to have been adopted by the most adorable, friendly little cat. He is so cuddly & smart that we totally fell in love with him that we ran out and got him all of the cat 'paraphenalia' so hopefully he continues to stick around! The kids named him Tiger for obvious reasons and they are crazy about him. He has become a great little toy for them and does not get annoyed when they are nose to nose with him when he is trying to eat, he is much more patient than me!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Solo Exhibit at Frogstone Grill - May 5 to June 8

Watercolor Architectural Painting - Corinthian
Watercolor Still Life - Beached Seashells
I just got back from hanging my artwork at the Frogstone Grill in Coquitlam for a solo exhibit. I have eaten there before and love the decor but did not realize they had live jazz on the weekends so I will definitely have to go check it out on a weekend during my show.
We hung 11 pieces ranging from seashells to architectural paintings so it offers a bit of variety while you are sitting sipping your wine :)

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Watercolor Still Life Seashells - Pile Up

This is the latest in a series of paintings of still life seashells in watercolor that I am working on. I set up the shells in my studio then take several photos from all different angles. Once I find a photo I am happy with I transfer a sketch of the photo to my watercolor paper and start building up the layers of the background varying the colors depending on the colors in the shells. I then build up the shells in layers using similar colors that are used in the background to provide harmony yet still allow contrast between the shells and the sand. The shells are almost complete in this painting and then I will darken areas of the background to provide a bit more contrast.