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Monday, April 06, 2009

Family Fun Day was a Blast!

It was a beautiful sunny day here yesterday which we have not had a lot of so we did not know if people would be too tempted to stay outside and play rather than come in and do art with us. Well, we had a huge turn out and had a blast! There was clay sculpting, a family tree craft and portrait drawing led by yours truly :) It was so much fun as the ages ranged from around 3 to 16 and it was great to see that the activities were enjoyed by all ages.

Some were happy to play with the erasers and crayons while others ended the day with some very nice portraits of Mona Lisa and the Easter Bunny, both famous and very well respected subjects ;) It was really fun to hear some of the conversations as the kids drew as well, "Mommy did you know the Easter Bunny is Purple?", very serious discussions ;) I am looking forward to checking out the next Family Fun Day with my family, it is a great way to wind down a Sunday afternoon!

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