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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Port Moody Art Association Demo

Watercolor Seashell Demo at Port Moody Art AssociationMonday night I did a demo at the Port Moody Art Association using my seashells as a reference for a watercolor painting. I am working on a series of shells so thought this might fit in nicely for the demo and chose two larger images of my shells to hopefully show more of the detail while doing the demo. The painting is not finished but this is as far as I could get during the demo, whew!

The sand in the background had already been painted in to allow time to dry using yellow ochre, indian red & cerulean blue. The sky was then painted using cerulean blue, permanent alizarin crimson & naples yellow. I will likely develop both the sand and the sky a bit more once the shells are completed. The shells were then painted in using thin layers to build up the texture. The left shell was painted using burnt sienna, burnt umber & sepia for the stripes. Washes and dry brushed layers were added for the lighter areas using yellow ochre & burnt sienna.

The shadows were deepened using a gray created from cobalt blue, permanent rose & transparent yellow. This same gray was used for the right seashell with touches of burnt sienna for a warm glow. The dark shadows underneath the shell were created by mixing sepia with french ultramarine and painting several layers to built up texture and shape to the shadows. The final step was to paint in some highlights using Aquacover by Creative Mark. It is similar to gouache or white watercolor so you can use that instead but I prefer the texture of the Aquacover. I will post the updated painting once completed, I am calling it Lean on Me.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Watercolor Still Live Seashells - Beached

Watercolor Still Life Seashells - Beached
"Beached" - Watercolor 11x14"

This is my latest seashell painting called beached. The conch seashell is from one of my stash and I took a super close up photo of it and then imagined the background, a place where I would like to be!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Watercolor Portrait - Truth

Watercolor Portrait - Truth
This is a portrait in a series that I am working on which shows only the eyes with the rest of the face covered either by a scarf, hands or another object. This portrait was painted using watercolor and a monochromatic pallete.
This painting is currently on display at Place des Arts until April 25, 2009.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Tri-City News Article for Beneath the Layers Exhibit

Place des Arts Exhibit
I opened the paper last night to find a wonderful article written by Janis Warren, a reporter from the Tri-City News. They did a really cool layout with my eyes and then my series of paintings with the veils and just the eyes showing which looked really cool.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Family Fun Day was a Blast!

It was a beautiful sunny day here yesterday which we have not had a lot of so we did not know if people would be too tempted to stay outside and play rather than come in and do art with us. Well, we had a huge turn out and had a blast! There was clay sculpting, a family tree craft and portrait drawing led by yours truly :) It was so much fun as the ages ranged from around 3 to 16 and it was great to see that the activities were enjoyed by all ages.

Some were happy to play with the erasers and crayons while others ended the day with some very nice portraits of Mona Lisa and the Easter Bunny, both famous and very well respected subjects ;) It was really fun to hear some of the conversations as the kids drew as well, "Mommy did you know the Easter Bunny is Purple?", very serious discussions ;) I am looking forward to checking out the next Family Fun Day with my family, it is a great way to wind down a Sunday afternoon!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Made the cover - too cool

Well I made the cover of the Tri-City News for my solo exhibit at Place des Arts, very cool :) The is a huge photo on the inside on the community section as well with different artwork and me again, I will try to scan it and upload as well :) Great for the scrapbook....if I every get to starting it anyway! I will also be in the Wed paper so I will have to keep an eye out for it!

Photos courtesy of Craig Hodge from the Tri-City News.