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Sunday, March 08, 2009

First Day of Portrait Workshop

I am lucky enough to be able to attend a workshop by an amazing artist, Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki She is teaching an advanced watercolor portrait class through the Federation of Canadian Artists The class consists of four 3 hour sessions and I can't believe how much we learned in only 3 hours!

We completed the grisaille underpainting and will be moving on to build up the flesh tones next class and over the next 3 sessions. We are all working from the same reference photo so it will be really cool to see all of the paintings at the end as the different styles of each artist comes through.

Tatjana brought a selection of her work and it is so amazing to see up close the level of detail and life she attains in her portraits. You could almost reach out and touch the skin, just beautiful. She has a painting, Year of the Ox, on right now as well at the Federation until March the 15th so I am hoping to make it down to see it as it looks amazing online.

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