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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Watercolor Painting - Portrait of Girl Completed

I think this painting is complete but as always I need to live with it for a bit to be sure. The top left corner is not really that dark, just a glare from the shade as I was rushing a bit to take the photo.
So many things interfere with painting time, taking photos, getting ready for exhibits, eating, sleeping....I have serious issues!


Beth said...

I stumbled across your website, looking for info on how to get my work reproduced. First, let me say, "Wow!" Your work is amazing!

Now, a little about me. I've been working on a portrait, in graphite, of my co-worker and I'm almost done. I have no intention of giving away the original (this is my first portrait drawn with the purpose of getting my stuff "out there") but I would like to get a couple of prints. Do you have any info you'd be willing to part with? Where can I take the original (it only measures about 8X8') to have it copied with good results? Help, please!

Tracey said...

Hi Beth thanks for the kinds words about my work. I love you profile bio, I can totally relate ;)

Graphite I have found to be tricky to get reproduced. I have had the best luck getting a good scan or photo of my artwork and then taking to MinuteMan Press (would you believe it) for my small cards only. The image needs to be printed in grayscale not black and white or it will appear greenish.

If you are taking a photo, have it parallel to the wall and try to take in good natural light and never use a flash as it will wash it out. Hope that helps!

Unknown said...

Nice finish, Tracey.

Tracey said...

Thanks Amie :) It is much brighter than my usual portraits, I like the change :)