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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Watercolor Painting - Portrait of Girl Update #3

Watercolor Portrait Demo
Well if my blog serves no other purpose, it helps me realize I am making progress after several hours of painting :) When I took this photo I thought ugh all this time and there is little difference than from the last update, then I saw the last update ;)
So, I spent alot of time painting in the details on the flowers with permanent rose and winsor red. I had hoped to paint them loosely with a wash of permanent rose and then charge in the winsor red as I did in my samples as it looked lovely. Unfortunately I think these are too small for the charging to work (for me anyway as I am new at it ;)) so I used my tried and true method of just painting what I see :) A few more layers need to be added here and there to build up the depth but it is getting there. I also painted in more of the details on the hair and repainted the wisps that the added background washes washed out.
I added more of a pinkish glow to her skin as well and a few layers more to the mouth. Getting close but a bit more to go. I really like how much more 'bright' this has become due to the darker background. I usually do the skin tones softer but with the pink shirt and flowers and the green background her skin would have appeared washed out. I think it is a nice change :)

1 comment:

Billie Crain said...

this is really starting to come alive! the added depth of color is working.