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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Watercolor Live Demo at Art Focus Group - Feb 25

Watercolor Demo
Tonight is the night I will be doing a live demo at the Outlet for the Art Focus Group. I will be using the shells photo below that I took for reference and I am really looking forward to it. I packed up everything....I think....last night and am surprised how portable watercolors are as I usually just paint in my studio. It is just as easy to pack up a graphite kit for demos as it is for watercolor, well almost. Another great reason to love watercolors :) The Outlet is located at Leigh Square in Port Coquitlam.


Lisa Lorenz said...

Hi Tracey, long time i have not dropped by your lovely blog. Good luck at the demo! I am sure you will do great!

Tracey said...

Hi Lisa, Thanks so much for the encouragement & yes I think it went very well :) I had alot of fun and I think people enjoyed it and learnt alot which is very cool :) I have not been surfing as much lately either, tis the flu season here and we don't want to miss any of the wonderful flus going around so we are trying them ALL out :)