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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Watercolor Dog Portrait - Birthday Gift

Watercolor Dog Portrait
Watercolor Pet Portrait
This is the sketch of Dudley a cute little dog that I am doing a commission of as a birthday gift for his owner. I have applied masking fluid to the areas I want to keep light or white when I do the background. This will be a monochromatic portrait but again I will use a few colors as needed to add depth while still maintaining a monochromatic feel.


Anonymous said...

If you use a few colours it is not a monchrome ('monochromatic') painting! Doh!

Tracey said...

doh I know that is why I say it gives a monochromatic feel ;) I know it is not a true monochromatic but it still has the feel of a monochromatic and adds more texture as the french ultramarine provides depth and a very cool texture that I could not get with just the sepia - so I guess technically it is a duochromatic painting ;)