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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Watercolor Seashells - Completed Still Life

I think this is 'completed' but I will leave it for a bit to be sure. I darkened the upper half of the sand to add a bit of depth, I may darken it more but need to get a break from it to be sure.
I also lifted out some highlights to the shells to provide more contrast and shape. The darks inside the shells were touched up using burnt umber and burnt sienna.


Billie Crain said...

i like the added depth to the background. you do what i always so....let a piece sit for awhile until i'm either satified with it or have an ah-ha(!)moment and see something i missed or needs tweaking.

Tracey said...

thanks yes I think it helped and I am framing it a bit off center. A friend suggested cropping it for more interest which I think is a great idea and I totally agree but I can't bring myself to give up any of my hard work so maybe for the next painting I will try to think more about losing edges :)

Yes I often do not like a piece fully until I get a bit of space from it no matter how hard I work on it. Then I come back to it and think, wow that looks kind of nice (or oh what was I thinking) but usually 'that looks kind of nice' ;)