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Monday, January 12, 2009

Hanging Art Work in Studio

Over the holidays my hubby and father-in-law set up shelving and a hanging system in my studio for me. I have been waiting for a bit for this to get done but it was so worth the wait!

They installed several shelves in the closet for flat storage of all of my art paper, matts, giclee prints and odds and ends. We moved my drafting table next to the bookshelves so that I could actually store my art supplies in the book shelves rather than having to walk across the room for things and of course having a mountain of stuff on my working surface.

They then installed an aluminum rod that we picked up at a steel manufacturing place and polished it up and screwed it to the wall studs (it looks curved in the photo but it is straight, just my 'photo skills' showing). They then cut little steel mounting hooks and used some heavy duty fishing line to hange the artwork. It looks really cool in real life as the lines are barely visible so they almost appear floating depending on the lighting.
I will take more photos in the near future but just could not wait to show how cool this looks. The whole hanging system cost under $20 I think. Of course I owe my hubby & father-in-law big time ;)


Billie Crain said...

i love your new studio! isn't it nice to have more room and be able to organize things better?

Tracey said...

thanks I know, ME TOO!!! It is so exciting to have such a great space with storage and a seating area with my paintings on display, very motivational :) I can't get over how cheap the hanging system turned out to be and it looks so professional, very cool :)