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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Abstract Acrylic Demo by Danusha

Last night was the monthly demo at Art Focus and we had a wonderful artist, Deborah Holowka (paints under her Ukrainian name Danusha) do an acrylic abstract painting. Well, I think we are at total opposite ends of the spectrum both in subject matter and technique so it was really cool to watch! Deborah has a great energy and is so full of enthusiasm that it is hard not to be inspired. And here I thought you had to be filled with angst or pent up emotion to paint abstracts...interesting.

She gave a lot of cool tips on how to approach an abstract painting as well as which brushes will fair the best and some of her color choices. She walked us through her layering process up to 4 layers, she usually does around 12 layers, which was really cool to watch. As each layer is added it either hides or brings out the layers underneath which is really cool, and a little terrifying for a control freak like myself. I was comforted by the fact that there is a process and a method to the madness and I even got to try my hand at pouring some paint on the canvas which could become very addictive I think. Of course it is much easier to pour paint all over someone else's painting than my own ;) She does pretty cool work, check it out at her site, Danusha

1 comment:

Billie Crain said...

abstracts have both confounded me and some have even appealed to me. some abstracts also seem to evoke immediate feelings in me but i was clueless as to how one goes about actually painting one. i know there must be certain methods or 'rules'(there always are in art)but what they are i have no idea. i applaud you for venturing out beyond your own comfort zone and exploring something so different from what you do and enjoying it!