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Friday, November 14, 2008

Watercolor Figure Painting - Under My Thumb

Prenatal Portrait of Mother - WatercolorThis is a recent watercolor painting I completed of a soon to be first time mother. I tried to obtain a similar likeness to my graphite portraits but with watercolor rather than pencil. This is the second in a series of prenatal paintings, the first is of the father's hands and will be posted shortly. I wanted to keep this one soft and lighter than the father's hands to further emphasize the femininity of the painting.

I loved the shadows off of the thumbs hence the name of the painting and also liked how the belly ring is stretched nearly to the limit!


Lisa Lorenz said...

wow...I am speechless....that is beautiful. My younger sister is 4.5 months pregnant and we are all over the moon.

Tracey said...

oh yay, it is sooo exciting isn't it. It is such an amazing time for everyone invovlved. I really like this one as well, it was a pleasure to paint, everything just seemed to go smoothly, much like the pregnancy :)