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Friday, November 07, 2008

Baby Sketch of Grandaughter for Christmas Gift

This is a mock up that I will be using as a reference photos that I will be using for my next graphite portrait commission. Her grandmother is commissioning the portrait as a Christmas gift.

I took her hands from another photo as she just looked so cute with her hands in her mouth and her little daisy's on her pjs but the lighting was not great on her face and the angle was a little off. Her face in the second photo was perfect and I just matched the size of her hands so that everything fit together nicely. Luckily the angle of her body was the same for both so things fit together quite naturally.

The portrait will be done as a pencil sketch on arches watercolor paper so it will not have as much depth and detail as a full portrait but I think being more 'sketchy' will enhance the fragility of her face and hands nicely.


DD said...

That's amazing how well it composites together! I think perhaps make the baby's left hand (the one on our right) just slightly smaller. It seems to draw too much attention to the hand instead of the baby's face, but maybe that's just me. I think maybe when it's a pencil portrait, the hand will be less prominent though...it's probably the lighting from the photo.

Tracey said...

Thanks Darla, I totally agree. I thought it was just me as I matched her head size completely from both ref photos but to me the hand jumped out at me. I thought it might be due to the lighting as well but to be on the safe size I 'shrunk' her hands a bit...artistic license right?!?? I also saved the image in grayscale which makes it a bit better but I think she has big hands this girl :)

I will have to see as the sketch progresses, I may still have to downplay her hand a bit :)