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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Character Buildings from Montreal and Quebec

These are some reference photos I took while on vacation in Montreal and Quebec a few years back. I have most of my paintings completed for my exhibit in March so I have a bit of time to try some other subject matter. There are so many little things I like in each painting that it is a little tough to decide which to try first. Of course, there are also things I don't like that I will need to edit out and add in so it should be interesting. I love all the texture in the window with the paint peeling off and I love the lighting on the two windows and the little scroll trim above...aha what a dilema ;)


Lisa Lorenz said...

Hi Tracey, Oh beautiful pics from Montreal...My Hometown! They were so nice to see. I have always wanted to paint a pic from Montreal too. I had my close friends from Vancouver visiting this summer and I took them to Montreal and they loved it. I hope you enjoyed my city. I am hoping to head to Vancouver next Spring...I was there so many years ago and loved it.

Tracey said...

Yes I would LOVE to live in Montreal or Quebec, it is so beautiful and inspirational I don't know if I could focus on much but creating artwork. I hope you make it to Vancouver it is beautiful as well, especially in the spring. I have moved just on the outskirts of the city now and have been going back for a few exhibits on Granville Island and it makes me miss the ocean and all the beautiful views. I guess I need to keep getting into the exhibits so I have an excuse to make it into the 'city' ;)