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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Watercolor Dog Memorial Portrait - Update 5

More wisps of fur are being added slowly in thin layers to add depth and ensure a rich glow. If the layers are added heavily I find that things can start to look flat and the colors are not as luminous.

Her nose has been blocked in and will continue to be built up. I love the blueish tint on the underside of her nose, I think it will add a very nice cool depth once the layers are built up on top. I used a mixture of Burnt Umber and French Ultramarine for this black. I also used a mix of Perylene Maroon and Winsor Green for a secondary black used in the pads of her feet which gives more of a reddish tone and is not as deep. I do not like the pre-made blacks as they also tend to be flat and lack the luminosity of a mixed black.


Billie Crain said...

i've been watching your progress on this one closely, Tracey. i may have a commission(not sure yet) involving four cats coming my way at some point and i will possibly have MY choice of the medium used. i'd love to do it in watercolor so i'm taking pointers from you at the moment. btw, this is coming along incredibly well!

Tracey said...

wow 4 cats, that will be fur overload ;) I see fur everytime I close my eyes and I am not even half done I don't think! Thanks for the positive comments, they help ;) I am finding some interesting new color combinations that are working nicely so let me know if you would like me to forward some color mixs for your cats, they are basic but work nicely so far

Billie Crain said...

i'd love any help i can get! feel free to email me from my blog. you'll see the 'EMAIL ME' feature on the right side of the page. still haven't heard from the 'client' so i'm not sure this will happen or not. either way i'm open to pointers for future fur covered projects.