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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Custom Graphite Portrait - wip 5

Ann's facial features have been further defined which I will do several more times. I find it best to work from the general to more detailed, especially with this paper as the graphite needs time to settle into the paper so each time I return to the drawing I am able to define the details tighter without harsh lines or patches.

Her mouth has been drawn in further using 2B, HB and 2H graphite pencils. I draw in many small lines, blend, remove and repeat several times which seems to give them more depth than if I were to just drawn it in heavily once. Her lips also still need tweaking once the graphite settles in, her top lip will appear more rounded and fuller than it does now as well. The 'outlined' effect will also be resolved once more tweaking is done. Her nose has lost it's highlight around the tip which makes it look off but it will be replaced soon. I have set her eyebrows in and will set her eyes in during my next session which will help

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