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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Valentine's Day Gift - Graphite Horse Portrait - WIP2

I got so carried away with this drawing that I forgot to do an update sooner! He is so big that I kept thinking just one more thing... ;)

I have worked mostly with 2B graphite for his coat and also with F and HB for the details that I did not want to smudge too much.

I want him to have that velvety feel that horses have that you just can't help but touch them (yes I am a horse freak). The darks are many layers of 2B built up slowly and blended.

The eye has been done mostly with HB up to this point and 2B for the blended areas and pupil. The pupil will be less perfectly round later so it looks a little cartoonish right now! Still lots of work to be done everywhere :)

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