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Friday, December 01, 2006

Christmas Portrait Commission - WIP2

I have started laying in the skin tones and features. I use several layers of graphite, the same grades mentioned previously, for the skin tones and blend. I find it best to add in layers as the paper seems to 'take' the graphite better this way rather than if you just add a heavy layer all at once.

I have set in the eyes and nose and will continue to define them as I go. I tend to work all over the place rather than on one specific area at a time so no area is ever complete until the end. I see areas that need to be adjusted and adjust as I go. I find this works best as because I add the tonal values as I go, often the areas that need to be adjusted are more obvious after a few more layers have been added and it give the graphite time to settle into the paper.

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