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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Christmas Portrait Commission - WIP1

I have added the main darks and lights for her hair using several layers of 3H, HB, B, 2B and 4B graphite. This will establish the tonal values enough for now so that I can move onto her face.

Once the portraits are near completion I will tweak the values more adding more darks and mid-tones and as a last step will 'pull out' the highlights.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Christmas Portrait Commission

This is the beginning sketch of one of the Christmas portraits that I am working on. It will be a gift for an unsuspecting girlfriend ;)

The sketch is lighter in reality but I made it darker so it can be seen online. I transfered the sketch to the watercolor paper to avoid damaging the paper's surface.

I do not usually do this much detail at the sketch stage but as I have been doing more paintings lately I thought I would approach this portrait the same way and see how it goes :)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Anniversary Graphite Portrait - WIP #7

Well this is the finished portrait! The lighting is still a little poor but what can you do when you live in a rainy city and you lack photography skills?

I added more darks to Scott and refined his features a bit more and then lifted out the highlights. Now to clean it up and off to the post office!

Anniversary Graphite Portrait - WIP #7

Finishing touches are complete on Michele... now onto Scott!

Anniversary Graphite Portrait - WIP #6

Baby Scott and baby Michele are near complete but will still refine the features a bit more for both and soften some of the skin tones. More darks have been added to Michele but still more to go for both her and Scott. Michele's eyes also need to be darkened as she has deep brown eyes. Some of the features still need to be refined and then highlights will be pulled out for the final step. The photo is quite poor as still raining here...where is the sun!?!?

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Anniversary Graphite Portrait - WIP #5

This is a scan of the portraits so far. The weather has been so rainy that the photos I have been taking are just too blurry so thought I would try scanning instead :)

I still need to add some more depth to Scott and Michele and need to work on the facial features of baby Scott a bit more.

Michele's chin needs more shading as stands out too much right now and her eyes need more depth. Then I will darken her hair and eyes. Scott (adult) needs more darks added pretty much throughout his face but I will wait until baby Michele is near complete to better judge all of the tones. Baby Scott's eyes need to be opened up more and he needs a bit of softness and tweaking. Getting there... ;)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Anniversary Graphite Portrait - WIP #5

I have added more layers of graphite to provide more depth and have lifted off some of the highlights. Did a few more layers of hair and added shape to the hat. Still more tweaking needed but getting closer!

Anniversary Graphite Portrait - WIP #4

I have added several layers of graphite for Michele's skin and placed the eyes, nose and mouth. Several areas are slightly off at this point as I tend to work all over and do not finish one area to completion but concentrate on getting the overal tonal values completed and then mold the features more carefully. The base of the hair has been added but will continue to build up once the face is near completion.