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Friday, February 24, 2006

Baby's 1st Birthday - WIP 6

Well, he is starting to look like the rolly polly smiley guy that he is :) The photo is not the greatest as the eyes are actually the same tonal value but the right eye looks quite light in the photo :(

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Jyri's Portrait

Finished this portrait of a fellow artist during the move. It is just a rough sketch which took roughly five hours I think. I had hoped to get the darks darker but ran out of time. May try working on this again in the near future after I finished the baby portrait.

Baby's 1st Birthday - WIP 5

Another update, nice to be back at the easel again...or drafting board actually. Blended and added a bit more skin tone and started on the mouth. The nose is a little off but I will fix it up later. I still have not unpacked my lights that I put on either side of my table so I could not see well with the glaring sun....not used to sun with all the rain we have been having ;-) Not that I am complaining! But now that I look at it today can see where things are off. The highligts are just thrown in in a few areas and will be fixed up as I go as well. His smile is starting to take shape, hopefully I can capture what a happy baby he is :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Baby's 1st Birthday - WIP 4

Added a few more layers of skin tone and blending, and blended and blended ;-) Still looks a little rough but I have a long way to go!

Baby's 1st Birthday - WIP 3

Finished moving...sort of...so had a bit more time to work on this! Just added a few layers of skin tone...many more to go.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Jyri's WIP 3

An update on Jyri's portrait. I am working the opposite of how I usually work so I am finding this portrait very interesting...and a little scary ;-) I am working dark to light so I have added in the darks as dark as I think they need to be but will likely have to darken near the end as I never go as dark as I should. It is kinda fun this way as working with the negatives it feels more like sculpting than drawing :) I am not happy with the likeness so far but I am hoping that once I get more completed the likeness will magically 'appear'...sometimes this happens ;) The background I will leave to the end which will be as black as I can get it without creating too much of a shine from the graphite.

Baby's 1st Birthday - WIP 2

Finally an update on this portrait! I am in the process of moving so as there is no hard and fast deadline on this portrait, I have not gotten much done! The eyes are about 80% finished but will tweak once I get more of the portrait completed. I need to add more contrast between the darks and lights but like to leave till near the end to adjust the tones. I am trying mechanical pencils for the first time and really like how they can get into the smaller spaces. But they do take a bit of getting used to as the tip is so sharp! I used F, 2B and 4B so far for the eyes blending between layers.